VFW to Observe Loyalty Day May 10

VFWLogoVeterans of Foreign Wars Post 3278 and the Ladies & Men’s Auxiliary will observe Loyalty Day at 6:00pm May 10, 2012 at the VFW Post which is located at 2300 Stephen F. Austin.  The public is invited to attend the observation.  Loyalty Day originally began as Americanism Day as a counter to the May 1st celebration of the Russian Revolution establishing the Communist Party as the dominant political party in Russia.

The VFW explained the following in a press release:

The first day of May is Loyalty Day and is such a day filled with activities designed to involve everyone in a great display of loyalty to our flag and or country. The VFW has fought a long and hard battle to have this day approved by Congress and it not only belongs to the VFW but to each and every American citizen. All staunch Americans must awake and live up to their obligation, as responsible citizens if we are to remain free, for only the loyal and responsible fully deserve to be free. We learn lessons of loyalty from the selfless dedication and unwavering allegiance of our men and women in uniform. We should be grateful and give attention to Loyalty Day, May 1, for their courage and willingness to make the sacrifices for our country. We should proudly unite behind them and give them our utmost support.

Most of all let us teach our young people about our history and values so that they may be able to ensure our liberty and lead our country in the future. May they uphold the visions of our forefathers and instill in them why freedom, our freedom, is worth protecting.

Being an American is a great privilege and your patriotism should be a living faith to our country's founding fathers ideals and dreams of a great America. Be proud to be an American. Fly your flag with pride. Do not desecrate it. Love it and respect it. It is our symbol of freedom and we enjoy this freedom, don't you? So let us protect it as long as we can. May God bless all of our fighting men and women who are still fighting today to keep our freedom

God bless America and keep her safe.