Rain & Thunderstorms Hit The Brownwood Area

thunderstormThunderstorms rolled into the area Friday evening causing problems for football fans, but bringing some welcome rain to Brownwood & Early.

The National Weather Service issued a few weather alerts and thunderstorm warnings and heavy rain, wind gusts and lighting caused some residents to lose power for a short time.    Radio station KOXE also experienced an outage for about the first half of the Brownwood Lion's out of town football game due to the storm.

According to the Wunderground.com, the official rainfall total at the airport was .82 of an inch, but several unofficial reports show as much as 2 inches in some areas.  Rainfall totals will vary widely due to the nature of the initial onslaught of isolated thunderstorms that rolled in starting at about 6pm yesterday.

There is still a 50% chance of scattered thunderstorms today and 30% for tonight and tomorrow.