Lyric Looking to Raise the Sign

lyricsignThursday afternoon, the Lyric Performing Arts Company is planning to raise the new sign on the Lyric Theatre located on Center Avenue.  The installation of the new sign is one more part of the planned $1.5 million campaign to restore the Lyric Theatre in Historic Downtown Brownwood.

The sign is being made in Austin, Texas by the Building Image Group. It will travel to Brownwood in several pieces and be assembled on site.

The Lyric was built in 1914 as a performing arts vaudeville complex and later used as a motion picture theater. The Lyric was THE place to be in Central Texas for entertainment and community live theatre.

One of the goals of the restoration project is to provide excellence in cultural entertainment while offering opportunities for local involvement in the arts. The Lyric will encourage participation from existing councils, agencies and organizations in developing a passion for the arts and promoting tourism to Central Texas.

Those involved in the Lyric restoration project are encouraging everyone to stop by Downtown Brownwood on Thursday to watch the installation of the new sign. The installation will take several hours to complete.

Please note that the installation is subject to the weather, especially high winds.

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