Bangs FCCLA Students Make Giant Cupcake, Qualify for National Competition

Amelia_Megan2A “giant” cupcake has earned two Bangs High School students a trip to the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) national competition in Nashville, Tenn.

Amelia Hubbard and Megan Jackson entered the food innovations category and were required to create a gluten free dessert for the “average teenager”, while including gluten free products and grains.

“We had no real knowledge of what we were doing and we weren’t sure how well we would do,” Jackson said. “But after started learning about our topic, I was really interested in learning more.”

Hubbard said one goal associated with the project was to get the word out about Celiac disease, a condition which damages the lining of the small intestine and hinders food absorption. “I believe we accomplished that.”

The project required several modifications before submission. “During the course of the project, we had to make cupcakes and test them with a control group of 22 students,” Hubbard said. “We then modified the project after each test.”

The final product, “AM & M’s Gluten Free Choco-Berry Cake” is a chocolate cupcake with a strawberry filling made from fresh strawberries and chocolate ganache with a swirl on top. Competition guidelines called for safety precautions to be adhered to, as well as devising a marketing strategy. “We also had to come up with a package idea and create a model of it,” Hubbard said. “Our giant fabric cupcake and wooden/plexiglass box is a replica of our packaging. The box serves as an eye catcher and a display board for our presentation.”

A second place finish at last week’s FCCLA State Leadership Conference ensured the trip to Nashville in July. “I am excited about the opportunity this summer to bring a little bit of Bangs, Texas to Nashville,” Hubbard said.

Jackson agreed. “I’m really excited for this summer to represent Bangs and the state of Texas at nationals in Tennessee. It will be an awesome experience for both of us.”

Hubbard and Jackson are pictured at top left.  Their "giant cupcake" and display board are pictured below.  Photos contributed.